Early Origins of Rugby at Stony Brook

In the V.18, n. 68 Stony Brook University Statesman issue, there is a classified ad that states:

Statesman Rugby Classified Ad

Statesman Rugby Classified Ad 1975

“Rugby comes to the Stony Brook
campus! The Pleiades Rugby
Football Club will be playing a home
match on northeast corner of athletic
field on April 12 at 1:30 p.m. Several
students from undergraduate and
medical colleges will be playing.
Come on out and support them

The newspaper is dated April 9 1975, so April 12 was that Saturday.

The club they were playing against was the Pleiades Rugby
Football Club. It appears that Montauk rugby grew out of Pleiades rugby. The founder of Montauk rugby, Charlie Whitmore played for them.

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